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Case Study - Al Attarat

Industry Construction Solutions SagerSpace

The utilization of Drone Technologies has seen a significant increase in the Mining industry due to its recognition as one of the most hazardous sectors for workers. The rising need for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for Mining operations stems from its capacity to collect precise data swiftly and cost-efficiently.   Sager Drone, a driving force i...

Case Study - Marsa Zayed

Industry Construction Solutions SagerSpace

On the western shores of the Red Sea, approximately 5 kilometers southwest of Aqaba’s city center, Marsa Zayed stands as a monumental development in Jordan. This project encompasses an area of 3.2 square kilometers of a remarkable $10 billion investment. This monument enriches the area with a mix of districts, offering living spaces, shopping, dini...

Case Study - Digital Heritage Library

Industry Heritage Solutions SagerSpace

Our heritage is more than a relic of the past— it’s a living testament that shapes our present and molds the future. In Jordan, where history resonates through ancient sites like Petra and Jerash, cultural heritage is not just a record; it’s a source of inspiration that sustains our cultural identity. The diversity of our cultural fabric, deeply em...