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Case Study - Digital Heritage Library

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Our heritage is more than a relic of the past— it’s a living testament that shapes our present and molds the future. In Jordan, where history resonates through ancient sites like Petra and Jerash, cultural heritage is not just a record; it’s a source of inspiration that sustains our cultural identity. The diversity of our cultural fabric, deeply embedded in the MENA region, draws global attention and contributes significantly to tourism. Today, these irreplaceable treasures are under threat, natural disasters, neglect, development pressures, and the inevitable passage of time are eroding these priceless pieces of our collective identity…

Case Study - Marsa Zayed

On the western shores of the Red Sea, approximately 5 kilometers southwest of Aqaba’s...

Case Study - Al Attarat

The utilization of Drone Technologies has seen a significant increase in the Mining i...