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Inside Sager: The Leading Drone-Data Solutions Company in Jordan 

Apr 7, 2022

As one of the fastest-growing sectors in aviation, the unmanned aircraft - or ‘drone’ - industry has unlimited potential. From animal and environment conservation initiatives to agriculture and renewable energy, and everything in between, drones have proven to be one of the most valuable advancements in recent history.  

In addition to their diverse environmental applications, drone solutions also have an incredible impact within the realm of commercial business. Many industries across the world have begun to realize the potential of drone technology to redefine old standard methodologies and drive greater efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance operational excellence – and within the Middle East and North Africa region, Sager Drones is paving the way to a new standard of business operations.  

Founded in Amman, Jordan in 2018, Sager was born from a vision to unlock the potential of drones solutions in the MENA region and drive the development of the industry and its regulations into the modern age by creating awareness, encouraging education, facilitating training, and, of course, demonstrating the incredible power of drones as an accelerator of business growth and innovation.  

Today, Sager Drone stands as the leading drone technology and operations company in Jordan, helping governments and enterprises such as Orange, Masdar, ACWA Power, Sterling & Wilson, Arab Potash and others, scale drone operations to deliver powerful and actionable data insights to drive progress.  

With a regional presence spanning across the Middle East, Sager has been recognized by the United States Department of Commerce as one of the top two leading companies in the Middle East & Africa Region – here are just a few of the most important reasons why…  


Our Innovative Approach  

Sager was founded with a vision to propelling and revolutionizing the use of drone. To achieve this lofty goal, we knew we would need to take an innovative, out-of-the-box approach in order to provide the high-quality drone solutions needed to meet the diverse needs of even the most challenging client projects.  



Sager operates off of its proprietary platform known as SagerSpace, which is designed to automate the interconnections between analytics software, drone hardware, sensor platforms, certified pilots, developers, and other components. Through the platform’s unique Request and Receive methodology, clients can easily identify their sites and seamlessly request missions for data capture, further analytics and data visualization. Additionally, SagerSpace optimizes drone operations in a way that allows for mass mobilization, while effectively interfacing with air traffic controllers and enhancing the safety and security of drone flights.  


Support from End to End 

At Sager, we aim to provide targeted support through every stage of the project lifecycle. Once a site has been imported to the platform, missions are auto-generated and executed in alignment with the specific needs and objectives of the project – from monitoring and surveying to asset management and diagnostics. Following data capture, the platform will then automatically upload, ingest, and transform the raw data into a highly accurate digital reconstruction of the asset, perform a detailed component analysis, powered by pioneering machine learning and artificial intelligence, and present findings within our viewer, or the client’s system of record. 


Sager Academy  

Sager Academy is the first national hub in drone training, consultation, and expert support for new drone pilots in Jordan and MENA. Through the Academy, we strive to provide the highest quality training, education, and certification program geared towards developing the next generation of drone pilots and engineers to meet the market demands. 

Through the Academy, SagerSpace badging system will be implemented as an exciting way to develop drone skills within Drone pilot community and SagerSpace customers. They offer credentials that can help pilots stay relevant, align with the sector or service specific trends, and build skills and experience in specific areas of drone services. Badges will qualify the pilots for specific job opportunities. It will help SagerSpace match the pilots with the appropriate skills to relevant missions, maximizing the efficiency and customer satisfaction. Badges earned are mapped within the pilot’s profile in the SagerSpace. SagerSpace badges will also be recognized across the aviation industry and can be used as a medium of highlighting the drone capability and experience within the industry. 

We focus on making sure that flights are being implemented safely into the national air space and people have access to the proper training. We want to help the Jordan Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission (JCARC) and other civil aviation authorities from other countries to implement this technology by promoting safety, comprehensive understanding of the equipment, and knowledge of the current regulations.  



What Sets Sager Apart?  

As with any quickly developing industry, the number of competitors within the market is always rising. But as the top drones solutions company in the region, Sager is distinguished by a number of high-value features and service offerings:  

  • We Offer the Largest, Most-Advanced Fleet  

Sager has the largest and most sophisticated drone fleet in Jordan, offering a wide variety of advanced drone technology including quadcopters, multi-routers, and fixed wings from several manufacturers, that are capable of competing in all drone applications and industries.  

  • We’ve Built the Fastest-Growing Pilot Community  

Sager has created the region's largest drone pilot community to date, and the number only continues to grow by the day. With our offering of high-quality pilot training,  Sager is helping both new and existing drone pilots to enhance their skills and qualifications, and gain valuable certifications of expertise across all our industries of operation.  

  • We Serve a Diverse Range of Industries 

Sager operates in multiple industries and uses the power of its platform, SagerSpaceÔ, to create end-to-end solutions. Now Sager provides various services such as mapping & surveying, progress monitoring, and inspection in multiple fields including renewable energy, construction, utilities, telecommunications, agriculture, and filming.  

  • We’re Driving Accessibility  

Sager is the technical arm of the Jordan National Drone Committee which aims to accelerate the development of drone laws and regulations to be on par with global standards. In this context, we strive to facilitate the adoption of drone technology in both commercial and private applications, to enhance accessibility across the board.   

  • We’re Focused on Community Engagement 

Through Sager Academy, we offer a variety of seminars and workshops ranging from beginner to advanced to promote public awareness and create a powerful educational hub open to professionals, students, and hobbyists alike.  



Clear Skies Ahead 

At Sager Drones, we believe that drone solutions are the key to unlocking a new era in business operations. And though the way forward is not without its obstacles, with an ambitious vision, unwavering commitment to excellence, and determination to drive client success, we can confidently say that the sky’s the limit.  

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