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Assistance From Above: Drone Applications

Nov 12, 2023

Drones have remarkable applications, where these once-exclusive military assets have soared to become indispensable tools across a myriad of industries. In this blog, we will go over the thrilling impact of technological advancements and increased affordability as drones redefine the boundaries of practicality, commerce, and society, revolutionizing our daily lives. 

  • Revolutionizing Aerial Insights in Mapping & Surveying: Equipped with high-resolution cameras and LiDAR sensors, drones swiftly capture aerial imagery and generate detailed maps and 3D models. This technology finds utility in urban planning, land management, and infrastructure development. Drones enable efficient and comprehensive surveying and mapping, covering expansive areas with unprecedented accuracy and speed. 

  • Construction Progress Monitoring: Using drone technology to monitor the construction progress of projects provides a comprehensive solution for managing the site from start to finish. By delivering high-quality data  drones help mitigate risk, make informed decisions, and keep the project on track, Providing a statistical comparison between expected and actual component count, you can gain a deeper understanding of the progress of the solar farm and make better-informed decisions, by catching errors and potential problems before they turn into costly mistakes, compare and contrast your original blueprint to the digital twin of the site to ensure the project is built according to plan / layout. 

  • Drone Asset Inspections: Solar farms , wind turbines, telecommunication towers, power lines, and Oil & Gas pipelines no longer require extensive human intervention.  Equiped with cameras and thermal imaging sensors, drones effortlessly detect structural issues, hot spots, anomalies, leaks, and damages that may elude ground-level observations. By providing real-time aerial footage, drones empower inspectors and maintenance crews to make precise assessments. As the projects continue to grow and become more complex, the use of drones for thermal inspection is becoming increasingly important, helping to improve efficiency, safety, and data accuracy, and the need for drone inspection arises due to the limitations of traditional inspection methods, which are time-consuming, costly, and can be hazardous for inspectors. 

  • Guardians of Safety in Search and Rescue: Drones navigate the skies to locate missing persons or provide aid in emergencies. Their ability to swiftly cover vast areas provides real-time aerial views, enhancing situational awareness for rescue teams and enabling expedited response times and effective coordination. Drones have unequivocally become lifesaving assets in critical scenarios. 

In conclusion, drones have revolutionized industries and society with their remarkable capabilities.  Drones provide efficient and accurate aerial insights, empower decision-making, enhance safety, optimize resource management, and fuel innovation.  

Drones are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to aerial data. The real value lies in the data they provide. Without the right solutions to manage, streamline, and process this data, we won't uncover the full potential of this technology. At Sager, we have developed Sager Space, our  all-in-one, end-to-end solution that enables a multitude of industries to benefit from drone data and provide cutting-edge solutions in one geospatial suite addressing all needs across the entire supply chain, from capture to decision-making. 

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