Progress Monitoring

Visualize the work being completed in your project. Track developments, identify short falls and enhance stakeholder accountability

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Mapping & Surveying

Create realistic data sets and digitize your assets in an accurate & effective manner.

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Conduct frequent inspection of your plants rapidly and insure efficient operation & maintenance across project life cycle.

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Introducing Sager

Sager exist to extract the true commercial value of drones and aid on their commercialization in the Middle east by Empowering industries through Drone-based technology, within regulated environment to meet the emerging needs of drone technology.

Innovation is a part of who we are, which is why we pride ourselves on our:

  • Extensive Expertise
  • Actionable Insights
  • Critical Thinking Skills

Our team is the driving force behind our exceptional drone service and customer satisfaction.

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Drones in Your Industries

Our drone-based solutions are purpose-built to solve today's challenges

Solar Energy

Solar farm inspections, professional infra-assessments, and reliable aerial surveying.

Wind Energy

Wind turbine inspections, professional infra-assessments, and reliable aerial surveying.


Reduce your project risks with streamlined progress tracking, site surveillance, and stockpile inspection.


Effortlessly gather valuable asset data by monitoring projects, detecting faults, and inspecting facilities.


Optimize the claims process. Use our platform to conduct damage assessments and generate reports.


Make a bigger impact with your services. Use our platform for surveys, security, and inspections.

Our Clients

Why Sager?

  • Expert Team

    Our highly-skilled drone pilots have hundreds of flight hours and can provide you with the precise data you need to scale your business. Our team is trusted by leading organizations across the

  • Actionable Insights

    Our UAV solutions help you gain insight into your business by mitigating safety risks, inspecting your assets, and monitoring your project progress.

  • Professional Drone Solutions

    We have the largest fleet of commercial drones. We also partner with leading data processing firms to get you the very best drone services.

Industry Leading Drone Services

Make Better-Informed, Real-Time Decisions About Your Most Critical Assets At Scale.

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Building 23, 2nd floor, Office 209


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