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Sager's CEO joins panel at World Government Summit to discuss Arab GovTechs' role in Digital Transformation

16 February 2023

In February, Sager participated in the World Government Summit held in Dubai. The company's CEO, Yousef Amoura, was a featured panelist on the second day of the event, discussing the topic of "Bold Talk: Why are Arab GovTechs Absent From Our Digital Transformation?". The summit’s theme this year was "Government Digital Transformation" and Sager's CEO joined other experts in discussing the role of technology in advancing the Arab region’s public administration.

Sager's CEO, Yousef Amoura, highlighted the various ways in which Sager's drone data solution, SagerSpace, could be used to support governments in their decision-making processes. He explained how SagerSpace could be used to automate the process of gathering and analyzing data, eliminating data silos and bottlenecks. The system's advanced analytics tools could also help governments make more informed decisions, improve service delivery, and enhance their overall performance.

The World Government Summit brings together leaders, experts, and policymakers from around the world to discuss innovative approaches to governance and public service delivery. Sager's participation in the World Government Summit is a testament to the company's commitment to promoting technological advancement and innovation in the Arab world.