Reduce cost, timelines, and risks using drone technology.
Our turnkey platform is purpose-built for your industry.



Scout and react faster than ever. Our precision agriculture platform helps you to optimize inputs, yields, and automation.


Run a jobsite that's more safe and efficient. Use our platform to produce models, track progress, conduct inspections, and measure resources.


Reduce the time, costs, and risks associated with asset and infrastructure management. Use our platform to assess risks from encroaching vegetation, spills or leaks, and remediation/regeneration efforts.


Make a bigger impact with your services. Use our platform for surveys, security, and inspections.


Optimize the claims process. Use our platform to conduct damage assessments and generate reports.

Public safety

Get uncompromised surveillance, search and rescue solutions, and professional drone services.

Applications and Analytics

Get reporting and insights from your drone data

Efficiently manage assets and infrastructure. Sager's software makes it easy to convert aerial data into models and business intelligence.

Pipeline Monitoring

Reduce inspection time and operational costs by flying beyond visual line-of-sight

Tower Inspections

Reduce inspection time and risk to workers by minimizing the frequency of climbs required for visual structural assessment

Wind Turbine Inspection

Reduce inspection time and risk to workers by minimizing the frequency of climbs

Solar Fault Detection

Maintain plant efficiency by identifying issues such as hot spots, dead spots, and debris

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

Map, Model, and Inspect with Drone Solutions Automate Workflows and Digitize Your Assets

Powerline Sag Analysis

Assess vegetation points and encroachment based on proximity to conductors

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"We are always looking for new and innovative technologies that will help our clients work more effectively to drive on farm productivity. Sagerdrone’s success stems from their ability to deliver market-leading data and analytics that provide deeper insights into the productivity of a farm."

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